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S-Innovations LLC was founded in 2011 on basis of developments made by research group of Moscow State University. The main company’s activity are research and development of methods for obtaining and finding ways to improve the quality of long-tape substrates required for gaining thin-film materials, which functional properties require sharp crystallographic texture (high-temperature superconductors, semiconductors).

The company is engaged in a full cycle of creation of metal tapes with oxide buffer layers, including the surface cleaning, polishing and layers deposition.

LLC "S-Innovations" has been resident of the "Skolkovo" Community since 2011. In the beginning of 2014, the company fulfilled the first commercial supplies of superconducting tapes under the commercialization of scientific activity project.

In December 2014 the company received a grant from the "Skolkovo" Community for the project of creation of affordable IBAD - MgO tapes for the semiconductors and superconductors production.

S-Innovations LLC fully cooperates with leading domestic and foreign organizations, actively participates in international exhibitions, symposia and conferences.

Our team

The company's team is represented by leading scientists in the field of material science, who combine global research and development experience gained in this technological field over the past 20 years. The staff of the company includes more than a dozen candidates, who has published more than 300 scientific papers in famous international journals.

Andrey Kaul

Andrey Kaul

Academic director

PhD in Chemistry, professor in the nonorganic chemistry chair at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Andrey Grebennikov

Andrey Grebennikov

Chief Executive Officer

Project management in the leading Russian banks and leasing companies. Over 10 years of experience in budgeting and evaluation of projects.

Alexandr Molodyk

Alexandr Molodyk

Chief Technical Officer

Development of methods for inorganic functional coatings production. Development of production technology for high-temperature superconducting tapes of 2nd generation. 22 years of experience working with high-temperature superconductors and methods of CVD, including 10 years of working in the United States and Australia. Author of 17 scientific publications and four patents in the United States.

Andrey Vavilov

Andrey Vavilov


Doctor of Economics, academic director of the Institute for Financial Studies, founder of the Human Capital charity foundation.

Our goals and objectives

The company's main objective is the development and production of superconducting materials aimed to reduce the cost of superconducting devices for the final users significantly.

Therefore, the current activity of "S-Innovations" is devoted to solution of a number of research issues. The company is developing new architectures of buffer layers and technologies for their production, improving their quality (texture parameters, smoothness, uniformity, etc.). The scope of activities includes the development and implementation of new technological processes (deposition in the assisted ion beam, mortar planarization, etc.), as well as obtaining textured functional materials (HTSC thin films of silicon, etc.).

The regular participation in Russian and international events popularizing the implementation of superconducting devices in various industries is another company’s objective, which can help to expand superconductor industry market.

In cooperation with Russian and foreign partners, the company holds marketing activities that would increase the number of potential partners interested in the superconducting devices implementation.



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